The Axe

by DEM

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Our ranty song about cuts to the NHS.

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Listen up people,
Something's going on

It never used to be like this
Something must be wrong

See i've been on the phone for the past half hour
I need to see a doctor cos I slipped in the shower

It's not funny it could have been you
Or your mum or your son, such an easy thing to do

So i'm hanging on the phone, holding on to my head
Wondering how long before i drop down

You see, once upon a time you could just walk in
Get pills, get jabs, get tickles under your chin

It's all changed now, they're small change now
It's all changed now, they're just small change now

They're run run running
The axeman's coming
They better watch their backs

They're run run running
The axeman's coming
He's Sharpening his axe

So i hang up the phone and dial 999
I know I really shouldn't i'm running out of time

Wait a minute, thats strange,
What's going on? the line's engaged!

Im running out of options i have to go by foot
I haven't got long before it all goes Kaput

Walked past the doctor's, was all locked up
And it looked like they couldn't give a flying donald duck

I went to the window had a little look in,
I saw a Potter and 2 girls playing violin.

"we're guardians" they said
"squatter scouts, but we'll be homeless tomorrow though we're getting kicked out"

I get to the hospital it's been knocked down
It's not looking good as I fall to the ground

Fag ends, dog mess, blood in my hair
And an ad in the paper for private healthcare



released March 4, 2017
Written, Produced, Engineered by: S. Farina as Ava Butcher
Drum kit performed by: B. Assiter as Jaq Jones
Duck Quack performed by M. Allard
Everything else performed by: S. Farina
Drums recorded by Andy @ Press Play Studios SE16
Mastered by Hippy @ Metropolis


all rights reserved



DEM London, UK

Origin: Greek/Latin
Meaning: People/Community

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